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AR-15 Forged CHASSIS®, NiB-X®, Distressed

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The AR platform is designed for ultimate modularity, letting users choose their components to create the ideal build for specific purposes. At WMD Guns, we make the most of this characteristic by providing nickel boron AR-15 chassis ready for anything a shooter has in mind. 

This CHASSIS® is built on a pair of forged receivers, fit with a 16-inch barrel and carbine gas system, and comes ready with premium NiB-X® components, including the bolt carrier group, charging handle and fire control group. Its surfaces are finished in rugged distressed nickel boron.

If you’re picky about your ergonomics but want a rifle that’s ready to go, this no-stock AR-15 is ready for your grip, handguard and buttstock of choice. Learn more about its specifications below and order online through WMD Guns.

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WMD AR-15 Forged CHASSIS® in Distressed NiB-X® Finish

Every shooter has different ergonomic needs and style preferences. The AR platform is ideal for letting each individual create a firearm perfectly suited to their needs by virtue of its broad parts availability and ease of making changes.

The WMD Guns CHASSIS selection provides an AR-15 with no stock or grip to take that customizability even further. This model presents a kitted-out receiver set coated in battleworn nickel boron for longevity, a ceramic-coated barrel, and a BCG and FCG treated with our NiB-X® finish — all you need to complete this nickeled AR-15 chassis is the stock, grip and handguard of your choice. 


Advantages of a Battleworn Nickel AR-15 Finish

WMD Guns was part of the team that developed nickel boron as a firearm coating, so we know our way around creating a world-class finish. Our NiB-X® coating outperforms even hard chrome by resisting heat, wear and fouling, making it perfect for applications in firearms that see heavy use. 

In government evaluation, this sleek finish stood up to a 30,000-round torture test with no chipping, flaking or thinning, so it’s ready for anything you throw at it. NiB-X® protects your gun inside and out by providing lubricity for continuous function, defense against rust and corrosion, and easy removal of carbon fouling. 

This AR-15 CHASSIS comes in nickel boron with a distressed, battleworn appearance that makes it look every bit as rugged as it is. We use a specialized scuffing treatment to give it the look of a time-tested and proven weapon without compromising the exceptional protection of a NiB-X® finish. 


What You Get With a Nickel Boron Beast® CHASSIS

This distressed nickel CHASSIS starts with a set of forged 7075 aluminum receivers finished in NiB-X® inside and out. M4 feed ramps are cut into the upper. The barrel is a 16-inch M4 profile for maneuverability, featuring a low-profile carbine-length gas system and a 1:7 twist to stabilize projectiles weighing up to 90 grains. This match-grade barrel receives a nitride finish and a flat dark earth ceramic topcoat for longevity. 

On the inside, this CHASSIS comes ready with one of our nickel boron bolt carrier groups for superb reliability, plus an upgraded military fire control group. With these sets, we coat the hammer, sear and disconnector in NiB-X® to deliver a minimal-friction pull and smooth reset. A complementing charging handle and all small parts are included as well. 

At the rear, you’ll find a carbine buffer system and a NiB-X® coated six-position Mil-Spec receiver extension. This battleworn nickel AR rifle comes optics-ready and needs only the furniture of your choice and a few magazines to be prepared to hit the range. 


Order an AR Rifle With No Stock and Build It Your Way

Our distressed nickel Beast® CHASSIS weighs in at just 5 pounds and measures 33 inches long, making it a great starting point for creating your ideal rig. Find the perfect handguard for your aesthetic preferences, then create a rifle that fits you perfectly by choosing the right grip and stock

Since the CHASSIS is a complete firearm per the ATF, follow our gun-buying guide to order this AR rifle online. This model is available in .223/5.56 NATO and .300 BLK. For more information about the Beast® line or our other products, please reach out to our friendly team.



  • Lower receiver: Forged 7075-t6 aluminum machined to Mil-Spec dimensions, front magazine well finger grips, NiB-X® nickel boron coated for durability and then distressed for the battleworn look.
  • Upper receiver: Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum forging with M4 feed ramps. NiB-X® coated for lubricity and durability, and then distressed for the battleworn look.
  • Barrel: Match-grade chrome moly vanadium steel, 1:8 twist, 16-inch government or m4 profile, mid gas system, nitromet QPQ salt bath nitrided finish inside and out for extended life and accuracy, topcoated with flat dark earth ceramic coating
  • Barrel extension: NiB-X® coated barrel extension for extremely smooth locking and unlocking.
  • Gas system: Low-profile gas block, CNC-machined from 4140 steel and NiB-X® finished, nitromet QPQ carbine-length gas tube, direct impingement
  • Bolt carrier group: M16 profile, Mil-Spec MP tested, NiB-X® coated for reliability and ease of cleaning, properly staked gas key
  • Fire control group:  Hammer, trigger and disconnect coated in NiB-X® for lower pull force (<6 lbs) and smooth reset.
  • Buffer: Carbine buffer
  • Sights: Optics-ready
  • Receiver extension: Six-position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum, NiB-X® coated inside and out and then distressed for the battleworn look.
  • Caliber availability: 5.56mm NATO, 300 Blackout
  • Gas system: Carbine
  • Product weight: 5 pounds
  • Length: 33 inches


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