Bolt Carrier Groups

Bolt Carrier Groups

Bolt Carrier Groups

Bolt Carrier Groups by WMD Guns

WMD Guns bolt carrier groups (BCGs) offer legendary reliability thanks to their high-performance coatings and best-in-class materials. Your BCG is the heart of your AR, so you need to know it’s ready to work in any situation, no matter what you ask of it. With a nickel boron BCG from WMD Guns, you have that assurance. 

Every bolt group we sell comes with one of our proprietary high-performance coatings, giving it exceptional lubricity and longevity as well as a presentation-grade finish. Multiple calibers, finishes and design options are available. Our products will ensure that your AR-platform firearm looks incredible and performs without fail in any environment.  

Why Buy a Nickel Boron BCG?

The BCG is responsible for firing, extracting, ejecting and chambering new rounds, as well as cocking the hammer every time the action cycles. As such, its reliability is directly tied to the function of your firearm. 

WMD Guns’ proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron coating for BCGs delivers a finish over 40% harder than chrome and with a 30% longer life span — even in a rifle bore. It also offers unmatched lubricity. 

Since the typical AR platform uses a direct gas impingement design, the bolt group is in contact with carbon-laden gas with every shot. Over time, the BCG can accumulate carbon buildup, slowing its movement and eventually resulting in failure to function. A nickel boron coated BCG eliminates this concern, as this innovative coating allows the shooter to simply wipe the carbon away with a rag. 

In tests, WMD Guns’ reliable coated bolt groups ran thousands of rounds without a single malfunction. Our slick BCGs don’t need extra lubrication, making them an exceptional option for applications where lube could attract dust and cause an operational failure, such as military actions in a desert setting. When you need a BCG you can rely on no matter what, there is no substitute. 

WMD Guns NiB-X® Coated BCG Options

WMD Guns bolt groups are available in numerous finishes and configurations, including our popular full auto nickel boron BCGs with a polished or matte surface. 

Browse our inventory for 9mm BCGs as well as .308, 6.5 Grendel and other selections. We even carry colorful BCGs with a ceramic topcoat over the NiB-X for a brighter flash of color, as well as colored bolt groups with coordinating accent kits and individual BCG parts. The topcoat will wear and expose the NiB-X on the high-friction surfaces so that the nickel boron can provide the long-lasting protection you need.

We manufacture every component of our BCGs in compliance with military specifications, including all heat-treatment parameters for longevity and durability. Bolts are shot peened and batch magnetic particle inspected. All parts except the firing pin receive our proprietary NiB-X® coating or one of our other performance finishes for peak lubricity and fouling resistance. 

Buy NiB-X® BCGs From the Pioneers in Advanced Firearm Coatings

WMD Guns unites metallurgists, chemists, gunsmiths and engineers to design products that deliver superior performance every time, without fail. Our Team was the first to explore the capabilities of nickel boron for firearm parts like bolt carrier groups, and we’re proud to carry on our legacy of innovation and quality in the products we sell today. 

You can order our nickel boron AR bolt groups online as complete assemblies or individual parts to create your perfect rig. We’re also happy to discuss custom work to design something truly unique. Buy online today or get in touch with our team to experience the performance you only get with WMD Guns.


NOTE:  Hoppe’s does not recommend the use of its solvents (Hoppe’s No 9 Bore Cleaner) on Nickel-based finishes, since it can damage the finish. WMD Guns does not recommend Hoppe’s No 9 for use on any of our NiB-X® coated components.

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