Lower Receivers

Lower Receivers

Lower Receivers

AR-10 and AR-15 Lower Receivers, Sets and Parts Kits

The WMD Guns BEAST® line of ARs relies on high-performance receivers to support its reputation for extreme accuracy and dependability. Our team is proud to make the components that contribute to that legacy available for shooters who prefer to build their own guns. 

The AR lower receivers for sale here are the same top-tier, American-made parts we use in the complete firearms we sell. You’ll find several varieties of nickel boron lowers treated with our proprietary NiB-X® coating for excellent protection against environmental damage, fouling and wear. 

Explore our stripped or assembled lowers, buffers, buffer tubes and parts kits for AR-15s and AR-10s to find what you need for your perfect firearm. Please note that lower receivers are serialized and must ship to an FFL dealer. 

Buy Lower Receivers With Premium Options

WMD Guns sells AR lowers to fit a range of price points, but we never cut corners on the basics. We carry matched sets of forged receivers in anodized, NiB-X® or ceramic color finishes, all ready for your buildout of choice. If you’d prefer the next step up, consider our billet receivers for aggressive styling that makes your homegrown BEAST® stand out. 

With a nickel boron lower receiver, you’ll be starting ahead of the game. This coating sheds carbon fouling effortlessly and has a high degree of inherent lubricity to keep your gun running reliably for thousands on thousands of rounds. 

Select offerings in our lower inventory come with additional features like ambidextrous designs. You’ll also find coated receivers and sets for sale with distressed finishes, color-accented parts and other elements that speed you along on creating your perfectly personalized AR. 

We Have Buffers, Kits and Other AR Lower Parts for Sale

If you have a stripped lower receiver for your AR-10 or AR-15, be sure to check out our single components and comprehensive kits. We carry buffers and tubes for different calibers and configurations, including nickel boron buffer tubes engineered for wear resistance and ease of operation with adjustable stocks. 

Our lower parts kits for ARs include components specifically designed by our in-house team with the application of a coating like NiB-X® or Nitromet™ in mind. As such, they perfectly adhere to OEM dimensional standards while benefiting from world-class protection. AR small parts with a nickel boron or Nitromet™ finish are exceptionally easy to clean and will operate with unparalleled smoothness. 

Need a single piece to replace a missing part? We also sell bolt catches, disconnectors, castle nuts and other components with various finishing treatments. 

Order Your AR Lower Online Through WMD Guns

Your lower receiver is the foundation of your AR-platform firearm. Give your next build a strong start with a precision-engineered lower or receiver set from WMD Guns. 

Because our AR-15 and AR-10 lowers are serialized, you will need to have an FFL lined up before you complete our online checkout process — follow this guide if you’re new to purchasing guns online. You can buy parts kits, buffers and other nonserialized parts directly through us. If you need any assistance, connect with our team

Our American-made gun parts are produced by a team combining gunsmiths, engineers, machinists and chemists, so every component is made with a clear vision. When you see them perform, you’ll know why it’s worth it.  

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