Lower Parts

AR-10/AR-15 Lower Parts and Fire Control Groups

If you’re prone to tinkering on ARs, it’s smart to have a reliable source for components. WMD Guns manufactures and sells premium lower parts with nickel boron and other coatings to ensure you have all the pieces you need.

Whether you need to replace a worn part or are switching out select components to experiment with accuracy upgrades, you can shop our range of American-made AR lower parts to buy from one of the most trusted names in the industry. 

Our AR Lower Parts for Sale

WMD Guns produces these lower receiver components:

  • Bolt catch
  • Castle nut
  • Disconnector
  • Full-auto hammer
  • Semi-auto hammer
  • Magazine catch
  • Magazine catch button
  • Receiver end plate
  • Safety selector, one way
  • Safety selector, ambidextrous
  • Trigger, semi auto

We also sell a nickel boron fire control group for AR-15s and AR-10s, as well as a two-stage trigger system boasting a 2-pound wall and a crisp 2.5-pound break.

WMD Guns lower parts are 100% made in America.

The Benefits of Advanced Finishes on Lower Parts

We sell AR lower parts in black nitromet as well as our in-house nickel boron coating. NiB-X®, WMD’s proprietary nickel boron formula, was created specifically for firearm applications. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical exposure, plus exceptional hardness and lubricity. NiB-X® has an eye-catching silver finish. 

Nitromet also affords a high degree of hardness, as well as a life span that exceeds that of hard chrome by 30%. Our Nitromet lower receiver parts come in classic black for a sleek look.

Find All the Lower Receiver Components You Need

At WMD, we’re in constant pursuit of excellence. Our team unites chemistry and gunsmithing to manufacture parts with the express intent of applying our coatings, resulting in firearm components that meet exacting specifications. Even the smallest parts receive this level of attention here.

If you’re looking to complete an AR lower receiver from scratch, check out our convenient lower parts kits. We also sell parts and kits with colorful ceramic coatings to give your firearm some additional flair. 

To learn more about our lower receiver parts or reach out with special requests, get in touch with the WMD team.

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