Upper Receivers

Upper Receivers

Upper Receivers

AR-10 and AR-15 Upper Receivers, Parts and Complete Uppers

The AR platform is prized for its ability to allow one gun to become many. Because the upper receiver isn’t serialized, you can have multiple upper assemblies with different configurations — potentially even in different calibers — ready to drop onto a single compatible lower. 

At WMD Guns, we have AR-15 and AR-10 uppers for sale, all produced to original military specifications within strict tolerances. Many of these are nickel boron upper receivers, and unlike other manufacturers, we design our products with the express intent of applying our NiB-X® coating as a final step. The result is a high-performance receiver with the ideal dimensions and specifications for exceptional performance. 

We also sell various upper parts in our different finishes so you can put together the perfect design for your ideal firearm. The parts you see here are the same components we use in our BEAST® line.

Our Nickel Boron Stripped Uppers and Assemblies

The customizability of AR rifles and pistols means you have plenty of choices when putting a new gun together, and the WMD team honors that by offering a range of uppers and components in various stages of assembly.

Our complete upper assemblies arrive at your door ready to pin on your choice of Mil-Spec lower receiver. These offerings include one of our premium NiB-X® bolt carrier groups and a charging handle for an upper that’s truly ready to go right out of the box. 

Prefer to build your own? We have nickel boron stripped uppers for sale for you to finish according to your preferences. You’ll also find individual components and AR-10 and AR-15 upper parts kits in our inventory. We sell upper and lower AR receiver sets as well, but please note that these must be shipped to an FFL dealer. 

Our upper receiver sales include numerous configurations — you’ll find stripped and complete versions in billet and forged constructions, a range of caliber options and multiple finishes perfected by the arsenal of firearms coating technologies.

 Why We Sell Coated AR-15 Upper Receivers

The AR platform firearm is perhaps best recognized in its classic black anodized finish, but it reaches another level of function and aesthetics with a performance coating. 

With all the moving parts in an upper receiver, anything that adds lubricity and minimizes buildup is a major plus. Nickel boron is one of the best solutions available to serve these goals. 

Our proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron for AR parts and receivers is corrosion resistant, harder than chrome and inherently slick — enough so that you can wipe away carbon buildup with a rag rather than needing solvent and a stiff brush. 

And on top of all the performance benefits, an AR-15 receiver with nickel, Nitromet™ or a ceramic color coating just looks awesome. Use our filter function to find offerings like AR uppers in Burnt Bronze, Marine Corp Red and Robin Egg Blue.

Order Coated AR Uppers, Assemblies and Parts Online Through WMD

A new upper for your AR-10 or AR-15 lower is all you need to make it look and function like a whole new gun — and you don’t even have to visit an FFL dealer to get it. Explore a new caliber or barrel length for a new application or pick up a forged or billet nickel boron stripped upper to complete your perfect build. 

WMD Guns is proud to offer customers some of the best firearm components on the market, uniting excellent manufacturing practices with leading coating technology to deliver unparalleled performance. Shop our uppers and other parts online today to experience our innovations for yourself, or reach out to our skilled team if you have any questions about our products. 

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