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Buy Firearms Online Through WMD Guns

How to Buy a Gun Online From WMD Guns

Buying firearms online is a little more complicated than most other purchases — but it’s still pretty easy. It’s also completely legal and only requires a few extra steps on your end. Follow this guide to buy a new rifle or pistol from WMD Guns and experience our legendary build and coating quality for yourself. 

1. Find an FFL Dealer and Establish What Transfer Fees Are

Legally, all firearms made more recently than 50 years ago must be shipped to a federal firearms license (FFL) holder approved by the ATF — they can’t come directly to your door. Before ordering from WMD, check out an FFL finder service to locate a firearm dealer near you. If you have a preferred local gun shop, you can also reach out to them. 

Since the process involves a little time and a background check, dealers will generally charge a small fee to receive the firearm and turn it over to you. These FFL transfer fees are usually between $20 and $50, but may be higher, and they sometimes vary based on the type of gun. Be sure to ask about fees when you’re shopping around for a dealer. 

Once you’ve found an FFL dealer, confirm that they’re willing to receive a firearm from WMD Guns on your behalf. 

2. Buy Your Gun Online Through Our Site

With your FFL’s consent to transfer, you’re ready to order! First, make sure the gun you want to buy is legal in your state, as some may have features that are not permitted in more restrictive areas like California and Illinois. We are not liable if you buy a gun you cannot legally own, so please read the descriptions carefully and know your local laws. 

Once you’ve confirmed its legality, add your firearm of choice to your cart and use our easy online checkout system to pay. We accept multiple payment methods, including ALL major credit cards

With payment complete and your order final, save a copy of your order confirmation and forward it to your FFL. 

3. Have Your FFL Send Documentation

Your FFL dealer will need to provide your order number and a legible copy of their current federal firearms license. These documents can be sent to customerservice@wmdguns.com via email or faxed to (772) 618-1795.

4. Wait

This is by far the hardest part. We promise to ship as soon as we can.

5. Pick up Your New Firearm and Finish the Transfer

Once your gun arrives, your dealer will reach out to have you complete some paperwork so they can perform your background check. With a clear report, all that’s left is to pay the transfer fee, grab some ammo and hit the range. 

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