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I would like to personally extend you an invitation to join the WMDGuns.com affiliate program!

Our affiliate program allows you to promote WMDGuns.com and earn a commission payment every time someone clicks through your link and then makes a purchase on our site. There is no cost or obligation to you whatsoever. You simply register for our program through our tracking and technology partner, use your custom tracking link to refer visitors to our site, and we take care of everything else with the customer as we normal.

Program Benefits:
  • 7% commission on all sales
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  • Average order size on parts over $80, on firearms over $1000.
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Email wynn@wmdguns.com and ask!

Becoming a WMD dealer gives you the opportunity to offer your customers some of the most unique firearms and accessories in the industry today. Additionally, you can also provide a new service to your customers by helping them submit their own firearms to WMD for our coating services. To sign up, click on the Dealer link in the upper right hand corner.  No required minimum orders. If you need assistance or more information, contact us today to learn more about how you (and your customers) can benefit from WMD’s products and services.

(772) 324-9915 Ext. 103


Get in touch with us to join the network of distributors who are supplying our growing base of stocking dealers.

WMD also offers distributors an exciting chance to offer exclusive, coated editions of popular firearms featuring NiB-X®, Nitromet, color topcoats and other speciality coatings. We’ve coated special lots of firearms for some of the biggest names in the field. We can also change out parts like sights, grip, triggers and hammers to give you a truly unique firearm. Let’s talk about how we can enable you to carry exclusive NiB-X® coated models available nowhere else!

Current Distributors

Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

Expert coating, finishing, and technical services for Original Equipment Manufacturers

WMD Guns also works in collaboration with OEMs, providing a full spectrum of production coating services that encompass performance, tolerances and aesthetics. We can even serve as a partner in product development, helping you reach new levels of firearms performance.

So if you’d like to discuss a custom run of parts, a product design challenge, or large-scale production coating, please contact sales@wmdguns.com.

For more information on coating services for ranges, contact WMD at wynn@wmdguns.com.

“I wanted to just give a quick update on the slide for my G19 since I received it back… I’ve run over 200 rounds of everything I had on hand, including FMJ, steel case and JHP ammo. I am extremely happy to report zero FTFs or FTEs. This includes Blazer Brass 115g that had an FTF rate of over 50% prior to you folks adjusting the slide. I had several people admire the slide finish and I highly recommended Glock and WMD’s services. Thank you for the prompt attention and great customer service.” – Kevin

“I just finished building my own personal “BEAST,” and let me tell you; this is one BAD mother of a rifle. I am positive that there isn’t a $4,000 AR out there that can beat this puppy. I am thankful to have found WMD as I can now build my own top-of-the-line rifles with all the confidence in the world. The only thing I could wish for is a lighter unit, but this is pretty darn nice. Thanks WMD. Parts used: LPK, Lower and upper receivers, barrel, forend, BCG, and upper parts. Only the stock and pistol grip were by others. I walked away with a $4,000 level gun for less than $1,500; what a deal. Plus, it’ll never wear out or stay ‘dirty’!” – Mike.

 “I got a BCG for a Bushmaster A2 AR-15, and WOW WOW—I love it! It runs all ammo very well and cleanup is great. The gun runs smoother, too. Thanks for a great product.” –  Ron

 “I ordered 2 of the Nickel Boron chassis systems you had, and I wanted to let you know I received my first one last week, and really liked the setup! We have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback on it, and I continue to see people’s faces light up when they pick it up.”  – Matthew

For international sales, contact:

Diamond Star Technologies
2049 Old Centreville Rd., Suite 11226
Manassas, VA 20113
Telephone: 571-379-4321
Email: info@diamondstarusa.technology or service@diamondstarusa.technology

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