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AR-15 Forged CHASSIS®, NiB-X®, Color

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The AR platform has infinite potential for customization. Picking up a colorful ceramic-coated AR-15 rifle chassis gives you the perfect starting point to make the most of that characteristic. WMD Guns is proud to offer the Beast® CHASSIS® line in a variant that combines our superior nickel boron coating with top-grade ceramic colors. 

These precoated AR rifles come with no stock, grip or handguard, letting you choose your shade and pick the furniture that fits your ergonomic and functionality preferences. Just add the components you want to create your custom AR-15 without having to visit a gunsmith or send it off to a coating specialist. 

Whether you want to celebrate your service with a Marine Corps Red AR-15 or prefer a subtle Coyote Tan that disappears in arid environments, our colored nickel boron chassis is the answer. Review its specifications below and order online from the firearm coating experts.

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A Colorful, Ceramic-Coated AR-15 With Forged Receivers

Buying an AR-15 with no stock, grip or handguard is the perfect way to make sure your new firearm has your ideal ergonomic profile — without making you remove a bunch of stock parts you may not ever use again. When you can pick up an AR chassis already coated in premium nickel boron and finished in the ceramic topcoat color of your choice, you have the basis of a custom gun right out of the box.  

This member of the WMD Guns CHASSIS® line is built on forged receivers and comes with a match-grade barrel, charging handle, bolt carrier group and fire control group. All you’ll need to finish it out is your handguard and functional furniture. Our ceramic colors for this AR rifle include in-demand shades like Zombie Green, Cobalt, Burnt Bronze and more so you can design a rig unmistakably your own. 

Trust the Coating Professionals for a Top-Grade Colorful AR

You’ll find plenty of services out there willing to put a color on an existing AR-15, but it likely comes with a waiting period, a possible disassembly requirement and a hefty price tag. If you know you want a colorful ceramic coating on your next AR, why not save time and money by ordering one already finished by one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry?

WMD Guns was part of the team that made nickel boron an industry standard in the firearms market, and we know this material and other coatings inside and out — which is often how we apply them to our products. 

This color-finished AR-15 chassis is treated with our proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron formulation as a first step of the build. This coating delivers exceptional lubricity, corrosion resistance and hardness for a finish proven to hold up under heavy use — including a 30,000-round torture test.

With NiB-X® on the gun’s internal and external surfaces, we then add a ceramic topcoat in your color of choice. Ceramic finishes also offer a high degree of wear resistance, making these colorful, coated AR rifles all but impervious to finish deterioration. 

What You Get With This Coated AR-15 Chassis

WMD Guns products are engineered to deliver both form and function. The receivers for this build are forged using Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum, with M4 feed ramps in the upper. Its match-grade 16-inch barrel features a government profile for lightweight maneuverability, plus a nitride finish beneath the ceramic topcoat to give it added longevity. 

Our ceramic-coated AR chassis also comes with a NiB-X® bolt carrier group, plus a full set of accented small parts to match your choice of ceramic color. The fire control group is treated with nickel boron for reliable function and a smooth, consistent trigger pull. 

The Beast® CHASSIS® line is the ideal way to get the custom AR rifle you want without all the hassle and extra expense of a third-party coating service. Just add a handguard and furniture to complete the build.

Order Your Color-Coated AR-15 Online

At WMD Guns, we make it easy to find and buy the perfect rifle, whether that’s a Firehouse Red AR that draws the eye or a Flat Dark Earth rifle that blends in anywhere. Just follow the steps in our simple buying guide and order your ceramic-coated AR-15 online today!



  • Lower receiver: Forged 7075-t6 aluminum machined to Mil-Spec dimensions, front magazine well finger grips, NiB-X® nickel boron coated for durability. Topcoated with ceramic in your color of choice.
  • Upper receiver: Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum forging with M4 feed ramps. NiB-X® coated for lubricity and durability. Topcoated with ceramic.
  • Barrel: Match-grade chrome moly vanadium steel, 1:8 twist (5.56 NATO), 16-inch government or m4 profile, mid gas system, nitromet QPQ salt bath nitrided finish inside and out for extended life and accuracy. Topcoated with ceramic to match receivers.
  • Barrel extension: NiB-X® coated barrel extension for extremely smooth locking and unlocking.
  • Gas system: Low-profile gas block, CNC-machined from 4140 steel and NiB-X® finished, nitromet QPQ carbine-length gas tube, direct impingement
  • Bolt carrier group: M16 profile, Mil-Spec MP tested, NiB-X® coated for reliability and ease of cleaning, properly staked gas key
  • Fire control group:  Hammer, trigger and disconnect coated in NiB-X® for lower pull force (<6 lbs) and smooth reset.
  • Buffer: Carbine buffer
  • Sights: Optics-ready
  • Receiver extension: Six-position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum, NiB-X® coated inside and out. Finished with ceramic topcoat.
  • Caliber availability: 5.56mm NATO, 300 Blackout
  • Gas system: Carbine
  • Product weight: 5 pounds
  • Length: 33 inches


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