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The WMD Guns SlingStock® Elite

Uniting three patents in one innovative design, the SlingStock® Elite gives your AR-platform rifle a sling that’s always ready and never in the way. 

Inside the sleek polymer body is a 7-foot stretch of rugged Mil-W-4088K Type III Class 1 webbing on a retraction mechanism that puts your sling at your fingertips. Operators who prefer a single-point sling need only push the spool button and pull out as much webbing as they need.

For users who prefer two-point slings, the retractable SlingStock® Elite system has something truly unique. The patented Quick-Detach Clasp™ (QDC) at the end of the built-in sling features a QD swivel and can connect to any piece of the rifle with a picatinny rail, letting operators create the sling that fits them best. When the sling is stowed in the stock body, the QDC™ locks to a patented square rail, the Pic2™, so it’s always there when you need it.

The SlingStock® Elite weighs only 19 ounces, installs in seconds on any Mil-Spec buffer tube, and is completely ambidextrous and adjustable. It’s also built tough enough to handle any environment. Learn more about the SlingStock® Elite’s patented features and specifications below to see why it’s the stock — and sling — your AR deserves.

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How Does the QDC™ Work?

The SlingStock® Elite makes setting up a two-point sling easy with the Quick-Detach Clasp™. When you’re not using the sling, the QDC™ hooks to a Pic2™ mounted on the base of the stock’s polymer body. The patented Pic2™ is the lightest and smallest picatinny rail section on the market, making this mounting point unobtrusive yet easy to use, and perfect for keeping the QDC™ at the ready. 

Once you’ve drawn enough webbing for your sling by activating the stock’s spool lever, you can detach the QDC™. To do so, you squeeze the base of the operating arm and pull the clasp’s body backward to disengage it from the nearer angled surface of the Pic2™, then pivot it away from the stock and pull it free. 

Connecting the QDC™ to a forward rail section to add a two-point sling to your AR is just as easy. Hook the forward lip under the opposite side of the rail, squeeze the operating arm and pull backward to spread the angled surfaces. With the clasp body aligned over a gap in the rail, pivot the back down and release the arm for it to snap into a tight, secure hold. 

The QDC™ can only be released through deliberate operation and will not break loose under impact. If someone unfamiliar with its function needs to remove a sling quickly, such as when providing medical assistance, they can simply pull the QD swivel from the back end of the clasp. 

This design is ambidextrous and built to last thanks to its snag-free rounded edges, robust aluminum construction and type III anodized finish. The internal components are entirely stainless steel for excellent longevity. 

For more on how to use the QDC™ and the SlingStock® Elite, check out our video resources.



  • Any Mil-Spec buffer tube with typical position adjustment


  • Quick-Detach Clasp™ hooks onto any picatinny rail section for two-point sling setup
  • QDC™ securely connects to Pic2™ on stock body when not in use
  • Unobtrusive topline for optimal cheek weld
  • Rapid adjustment with single button
  • Fully ambidextrous design for all users

Sling and body:

  • 7 ft of 1 ¼-inch Mil-W-4088K Type III Class 1 Black Webbing
  • Single-point sling-up with one button; create a two-point sling anywhere with a pic rail using the QDC™
  • Sling can hold up to 800 pounds
  • Recoil pad is interchangeable
  • 19-ounce full assembly

Maintenance and durability:

  • Rugged design supports strap function in any conditions
  • Premium build withstands heavy load for reliable operation
  • Strap module retained by three removable screws for ease of cleaning or replacement

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