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Chameleon Billet Beast®

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NiB-X Billet Beast, coated with gun candy Chameleon, which provides a special ight show in the sunlight.

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As shown at SHOT Show 2023.

The 5.56 Billet Beast®

The 5.56 Billet Beast® is a slick, reliable nickel boron-coated AR rifle with a 16-inch barrel that arrives ready to deliver unmatched performance and sub-MOA accuracy.  This one is coated with gun candy Chameleon.  It provides a special ight show in the sunlight.

We built this short AR-15 on a set of aircraft-grade 7075 billet aluminum receivers and gave its critical parts — inside and out — our proprietary NiB-X® coating as a finish. The result is a compact AR-15 rifle that shrugs off carbon buildup, friction and the elements while turning heads and outperforming the competition.

Why Is a Nickel Boron AR Better?

Nickel boron is 40% harder than chrome and incredibly resistant to corrosion and buildup — two of the primary causes of problems with firearm function. The AR platform is particularly vulnerable to carbon buildup due to its gas-powered design, so an AR-15 with nickel boron parts has an inherent advantage over other builds. 

The Billet Beast® has a NiB-X® coating on its receivers, handguard and small parts to take full advantage of nickel boron’s capabilities. This coating isn’t just hard — it’s incredibly slick. That natural lubricity lets the gun continue to function reliably much longer than lesser builds and makes cleaning a simple matter of wiping carbon away with a rag. 

WMD Guns specializes in industry-leading nickel boron coatings because we were part of the team that pioneered their application to guns and their components. Exceptional coatings like NiB-X® are our thing, and it’s why every formula and every firearm we put it on excels in the field. 

Features of the 5.56 Billet Beast® Rifle

With its bright satin nickel finish, the aesthetic appeal of the Billet Beast® is undeniable — and it has the function to back up the flash. The coated billet receivers are matched with a 15-inch NiB-X® M-LOK® handguard closely fit to a match-grade, hammer-forged 16-inch barrel. A satin nickel muzzle brake punctuates the barrel for recoil control. 

On the inside, the Billet Beast® contains a polished nickel boron bolt carrier group and our enhanced NiB-X® fire control group for extreme reliability. The other small parts are finished in black nitride to match a high-performance adjustable stock and a comfortable Ergo grip. 

The Billet Beast® will arrive kitted out with one 30-round NiB-X® magazine and a tactical bag. In our testing, it went straight to the range and delivered tight groups with off-the-shelf ammunition:

  • Federal 69gr Match Kings = .75 MOA at 200 yards 
  • Hornady 55gr FMJBT = 1.25 MOA at 100 yards 
  • Federal American Eagle 55 gr FMJBT = .50 MOA at 100 yards

Order Your 16-Inch Nickel Boron AR-15 Through WMD Guns

Maneuverable, reliable and eye-catching — the Billet Beast® is everything a compact AR-15 is supposed to be. It’s also made in the USA and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you’re new to the process, visit our guide on how to order our guns online, then check out through this page to get your hands on the 5.56 Billet Beast®. 

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