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Fall 2019 product review of Big Beast 6.5 Creedmoor

"Big Beast 6.5 Creedmoor as good of a pig rig as there is....Accuracy is incredible. ... I've repeatedly achieved that at 1,000 yards ..."

Kevin Reese - 12 Best Rigs for Hunting Wild Pigs (2019 September 30)

Summer 2019 product review of SlingStock   

"they have hit it out of the park with the SlingStock ... created by law enforcement for law enforcement."

Prevent Sling Snagging with the SlingStock by Pete Goode (2019 July 16) 

Fall 2018

World of Firepower’s AR-15 features WMD’s NiB-X® BCG in .224 Valkyrie performance build 

Flight of the .224 Valkyrie by Kevin Reese Fall 2018 


Not long ago, I spent countless hours of research and trigger time putting the 6.5 Creedmoor to work and discovering its true long-range capabilities. Shortly after sharing my two cents on the trending round in other articles, the 6mm Creedmoor picked up its winning pace in the PRS match arena .and began to garner some well-deserved accolades as well…

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August 2018

Breitbart features WMD’s NiB-X® Big Beast AR-10  

Kevin Reese – The AR Rifle: This Dog Hunts, Too! by Kevin Reese August 17, 2018 

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April 2018

March 2018


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September 2017

WMD president guests on “Who Moved My Freedom” podcast


WMD's Wynn Atterbury recently joined host Hank Strange for a live video podcast featuring a whole battery of WMD firearms.

Check it out at:





Multiple WMD Components Deployed on Precision AR Project

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July 2017

American Rifleman selects WMD black NiB-X BCG for extreme-performance AR buildout! 

Building a Race Gun with New AR Components by B. Gil Horman - Friday, June 30, 2017  


With the number of AR-15 platforms in the hands of American consumers at an all-time high, new fans of the modern sporting rifle (MSR), and those who stocked up on off-the-rack guns during the Obama years, are now taking full advantage of the AR's modularity. So much so that folks in the industry are calling 2017 The Year of AR Accessories. This year boasts many new components that have just arrived on the market and interesting options that deserve a closer look.

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April 2017

WMD's Ultimate Chassis featured in "2-Step" Custom Buildout Article

Building a 2-Step Custom AR-15 Rifle 
by B. Gil Horman - Wednesday, April 12, 2017 

There's more than one way to go about purchasing and setting up a custom AR-15 rifle to meet your particular tastes and needs. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages to consider. One option is to find a factory-custom gun that has most of the features you're looking for. But fancy factory guns often have price tags that travel past the $2,000 mark and keep going.

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July 2016

American Rifleman features WMD products in two online AR-15 pistol articles. 

Building AR-15 Pistols at Home 
by B. Gil Horman - Thursday, July 14, 2016 

Ever since posting Building a Custom AR-15 at Home a couple of years ago, the interest in do-it-yourself AR-15 projects has continued to grow. In particular, more folks are considering AR-15 pistols for recreational shooting, emergency preparedness and even self-defense. The good news is that, just like their carbine and rifle-sized compatriots, AR-15 pistols can easily be assembled at home in the comfort of your own workshop...

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 Gallery: Field-Tested AR-15 Components
 by B. Gil Horman - Thursday, July 14, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to pit three home-built AR-15 pistols against each other in a head-to-head performance test at the range. Here's a closer look at a variety of top-notch components and upgrades, that played a role in the pistol tests, that are excellent options for improving home built AR-15 pistols, carbines and rifles...

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June 2016

WMD makes a strong showing at the Crimson Trace 3-Gun Midnight Invitational!












May 2016

Classic Black & Gold:
Best Gun Reviews spotlights WMD's "Black BCG" in a glittering gold AR buildout from Custom Defense Firearms

No Ordinary Glock 21....

WMD dealer Eagle Defense USA (Peachtree Corners, GA) re-envisions the G21 with this impressive, high-speed, low-drag custom job... coated with WMD's exclusive NiB-X® nickel boron process, then topcoated in Glock basic black. 

Here are the full specs; read 'em & weep!

Handgun: Glock 21
Caliber: .45 ACP
Suppressor: SilencerCo Hybrid
Optic: Trijicon 6.5 Adjustable Red Dot
Sights: Front & Rear Suppressor Sights
Upper: Custom Threaded Silencer Nitride Barrel & NiB-X Coated Slide
Trigger: ZEV Technologies 3lb Adjustable Trigger
(ZEV Technologies Skeletonized Firing Pin)
Magazine: 14+1 = 15 Round Capacity w/Extended Mag Release
Spring: Heavy Tungsten Rod


April 2016 spotlights WMD products in recent reviews

WMD Guns New Black NiB-X® Coated BCG for AR15 First Shots Review 

Nickel Boron (NiB-X®) bolt carrier groups aren’t new, but they are always a shade of grey or silver… until now. has figured how to add a special top layer that gives a black color to NiB-X coated parts. Gear Report was sent the very first WMD Guns Black NiB-X AR15 Bolt Carrier Group for testing and review. In the video below Josejuan walks us through the details of the Black NiB-X Coated BCG and we see it being shot in a .300 Blackout AR15.

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 WMD Guns NiB-X trigger group AR-15/AR-10 Trigger Upgrade Video: Preview Review

 NiB-X Trigger Upgrade Review>>

Update: WMD-10 Big Beast AR-10: Big Brother to the Beast .223/5.56 AR-15/WMD-15>>


January 2016

WMD Guns Big Beast AR-10 .308 NiB-X Coated Rifle WMD-10 Review »


December 2015

WMD Guns Big Beast .308 Chassis Buildout by Steve Gaspar 



October 2015

Go Big or Stay Home WMD Big Beast Chassis by Steve Gaspar | AR Guns & Hunting

Big-game modern sporting rifles are chambered in a variety of calibers. Countless deer have been taken with .233 rounds making the small-frame AR a popular choice. Hunters looking for more power are turning to the .308 platform in increasing numbers. In response, many manufacturers offer ARs in .308 today, but prices can run high. As wih the small-frame AR, the .308 modern sporting rifle allows for customizations. Most AR owners make a modification here or theree by changing a grip or stock, and some do complete transformations. Recognizing this, WMD Guns offers the Big Beast Ultimate Chassis in .308, which is ready to go except for stock, grip, muzzle device and handguard. The Big Beast Ultimate Chassis allows the user to customize the items that are often swapped out anyway, and WMD Guns reduces the price accordingly.

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September 2015

WMD and Chip Montgomery team up for a national acheivement

Chip Montgomery scored a national stage win in the FNH USA 3-Gun Championship this month in Glengary, West Virginia…plus a 7th-place overall standing.

Chip made his mark using hardware that included a heavily modified Saiga 12-gauge (shown) with extensive NiB-X Coating.

Three-gun competition is a game of milliseconds—and a failure to feed can be catastrophic. That’s why more and more 3-gun champs like Chip are turning to WMD for the speed and reliability advantages offered by our NiB-X coating process.





August 2015

Another Win with WMD Guns

Dillon Glenn captures IDPA SSP Division Championship with WMD hardware...once again making WMD the Coatings of Champions! 



March 2015

WMD Guns Renews as Silver Sponsor of the NSSF Rimfire Challenge Program

NEWTOWN, Conn. - The National National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) is pleased to announce that WMD Guns has agreed to once again sponsor the NSSF Rimfire Challenge program at the Silver level. Specializing in advanced and proprietary firearms coatings, WMD Guns also manufactures a full line of modern sporting rifles and handguns. This is the company's second year sponsoring the Rimfire Challenge program at the Silver level.

Now in its second year as an NSSF program, Rimfire Challenge matches focus on competition with .22-caliber rifles and pistols. Formerly known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge, these matches are specifically designed to introduce new shooters to the competitive shooting in an exciting and family friendly format. Rimfire Challenge matches are open to shooters of all ages and shooting experience levels, with events conducted on ranges across the country.
The match format emphasizes safety, fun and ease of access for newcomers.

"It is tremendous to see yet another company from last year's sponsor roster return and continue the success of the Rimfire Challenge program," said Zach Snow, NSSF Manager of Shooting Promotions. "When an enterprise like WMD Guns continues to reach out to new shooters and help them to have a wonderful experience in their first competitions, shooting sports of all kinds will not just survive, but thrive."

"WMD Guns is proud to continue sponsorship of a NSSF program so closely aligned with our corporate vision of enhancing the shooting experience for competitors and enthusiasts at all levels," said Wynn Atterbury, President of WMD Guns. "We continue to be impressed with the organization and execution of the Rimfire Challenge program and look forward to a long collaboration with the NSSF."

About the Rimfire Challenge

Originally developed by Ruger and formerly known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge, today's Rimfire Challenge is currently administered by the NSSF, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting, and shooting sports industry. Designed to introduce new shooters to the shooting sports in an exciting and family friendly format, Rimfire Challenge matches focus on competition with .22-caliber rifles and pistols. Matches are open to shooters of all ages and shooting experience levels, with events conducted on ranges nationwide.

About NSSF
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 11,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers. For more information, visit NiB-X Trigger Upgrade Review

Check out this American Rifleman article detailing a high-peformance .308 buildout based on our new Big Beast Chassis:


February 2015

WMD's Model 11.1 featured in 2015 Complete Book of Handguns!

Check this PDF to see WMD's new Model 11.1 spotlighted in this annual buyers guide from Harris Outdoor Group.








Personal Defense World showcases the Model 11.1 from WMD

See WMD's new .45 on from Harris Publications:

Another 3-Gun Victory for WMD

Here's a competition update that we neglected to post at the time of the event (8/14).
Gunwriter Steve Gaspar captured first place in Media Division at the Third Annual Crimson Trace "Midnight 3-Gun Invitational" in  Bend, Oregon. Gaspar's AR was equipped with WMD's NiB-X upper, and his Glock was customized with WMD's Nitromet slide and barrel.

His divisional win also put him in the top 20% of the events overall the company of such illustrious names as Jerry Miculek and Keith Garcia!


January 2015

WMD's Big Beast Chassis Anchors Another Custom Buildout!

Check out this American Rifleman article detailing a high-peformance .308 buildout based on our new Big Beast Chassis:



WMD Earns Innovation Award

“Major Pandemic” (an online magazine focusing on outdoors, hunting, the shooting sports, and general survival basics) has presented WMD with one of its “2014 Pandemian Awards.” WMD’s Ultimate Chassis was singled out for the Product Innovation category—selected from among more than 150 product reviews published on Major Pandemic last year!

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November 2014

WMD Beast lower used as the foundation for a 7.62x39 custom buildout!

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October 2014

WMD's new Model 11.1™ featured among "Best New Tactical Pistols for Fall 2014"!

Click here to read the full article >

WMD's Beast featured in AR optics review.

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August 2014

WMD Guns Ultimate AR15 Chassis Review on Major Pandemic Blog

 Click here to read review >





June 2014

WMD serves as Platinum Sponsor of 2014 Shooting Industry Masters event. 

WMD Guns is proud to join other prestigious names in the firearms field (such as Smith & Wesson, Winchesters, Mossberg, and Taurus) as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters tournament.

The annual event gathers personnel from throughout the firearms industry for a two-day competition incorporating challenges from across the entire spectrum of the shooting sports. Teams of all skill levels will be squaring off in good-natured tests of skill with shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers...all to benefit the USA Shooting Team, or the First Shots educational program.

This year’s tourney on July 18 & 19 will be hosted by the Indian River County Shooting Range in Sebastian, Florida (just a short distance from WMD’s headquarters in Stuart). The spacious facility includes a 29-station rifle range, a 35- station pistol range, and shotgun/sporting clays ranges.


May 2014

SafeSide Tactical Gets Inspired by WMD's Chassis

SafeSide Tactical in Virginia sent us this shot showing how they're building out our nickel boron coated Beast Chassis. (Our "bare" Chassis ensures that you get all the performance advantages of our innovative Beast AR...but also gives you the freedom to finish it out with your favorite furniture, optics and accessories.) Nice job, guys! How will you outfit YOUR Chassis?


March 2014

AR Guns & Hunting

WMD mentioned in the current issue of AR Guns & Hunting:

Dan Kent showcases the WMD .204 Ruger Beast at the 2014 SHOT show.



Requires download of full issue to view article entitled "Pushing the Limits: NiB-X® Coatings from WMD Guns."


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