Range Coating Services

The WMD Range Partners Program was created to help ranges to increase rentals and sales, provide sales assistance at the retail level and raise consumer awareness and knowledge of WMD Guns/NiB-X® products. Be the first to offer your customers NiB-X coated firearms that are easier to clean and require little to no lubrication. WMD Guns will coat pistols, rifles (AR’s, bolt actions, semi-automatics) and shotguns.

Advantages to coating your Rental Firearms in NiB-X are as follows:

  • Less wear & tear and on your rental guns with NiB-X
  • Higher reliability (fewer stoppages) for customers renting and using range guns
  • Easier to clean for your employees (wipes clean in most cases)
  • Higher resale value since the NIB-X coated guns show little to no wear
  • More environmental corrosion protection than blued or stainless steel guns
  • Very lubricious (CoF .07) and needs little to no lubrication to operate
  • Less maintenance (longer usage between cleaning cycles)
  • Harder than Tennifer, Melonite, Nickel Teflon and Hard Chrome (NiB-X is Rc72)
  • Improve the shooting experience – You will feel and see the difference!

Program Requirments: 

  • NiB-X coated firearms must be used as rental or loaner guns at public or private ranges.
  • NiB-X coated firearms must be in use for 3 months from the time you receive the guns.
  • NiB-X firearms must be properly maintained and available to consumers throughout the 3 month period.
  • The minimum order is 5 guns to be coated at a time.
  • Fill out & sign Range Partner Program Sheet.
  • Fill in the Upgrade Order Form
  • Gun Range Partners will be able to have new & used range guns coated with NiB-X at a discount off of Dealer Pricing.

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