Retail Coating Prices and Order Form

For slide and barrel upgrades, please fill out the online form and send in your components with a printed order confirmation sheet.  For a complete pistol upgrade, please send in the entire pistol along with the printed order confirmation sheet.  Note:  Some pistols are very tight and require gunsmithing to accommodate the coating thickness (.0004”).  Gunsmithing charges are $60/hr.  Normal disassembly and assembly time is included in the upgrade prices. 

For BCG upgrades, we only coat the carrier/key (leave the key staked), bolt, extractor, cam pin and hammer (if desired).  Break down the BCG as far as you can and send in the above components, keeping the small parts (springs, pins, firing pin, etc).  If you need to send the entire BCG, that is OK as well.  For AK BCGs, we coat the bolt, carrier piston, and extractor.

For complete rifle and shotgun upgrades (receivers, barreled receivers etc) again, please break them down as far as possible, keeping small components in your possession.  Barreled receivers are ok to send in.  We plug the barrel bore and DO NOT coat the barrel bores on upgrades, except with the Nitromet process which includes the bore (if you are interested in having a raw barrel bore coated call us for options).  For component upgrades, we have attempted to capture the most popular components on our price sheets, so just send those in with the printed order confirmation.  If your component is not on the order form, please contact us and we will quote you a price.

PACK your components appropriately!  We reuse your packaging in many cases, so send it in protected to minimize shipping damage.  We have seen some unbelievable packaging and subsequent damage.  PROTECT your investment!  Don’t forget to include shipping cost in your order.  We ship complete guns via 2nd day air so plan for that.

Turn Time:
We are currently working to a 3-6 week turn time, depending on the technology chosen.  If we have your email address, we will confirm arrival of your order.  If 6 weeks go by and you haven’t received your parts, email us and we will give you status.  Be patient: we’re confident you’ll find that it’s worth the wait.  While the process may take up to 6 weeks, the coating will last a lifetime!

Ship the parts, confirmation order sheet and any notes, pictures of parts, etc., to:


Attn: Upgrade
3070 SE Dominica Terrace
Stuart, FL 34997

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