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Individual Coating Upgrade Program Suspended (June 2016)

Dear WMD Customers:

We are happy to report that demand for WMD’s NiB-X coating and products has never been higher.  We continue to expand our product line and the number of performance coatings that we offer.  Unfortunately, this business growth has outpaced our ability to provide coating services for individual firearms and components in a timely manner.  So instead of running the risk of disappointing customers with long lead times, we are reluctantly suspending our program of performing custom coating upgrades on individual guns.

We are grateful to those who entrusted their personal arms to us in recent years, and wish we could continue the service for the rest of you. However, the time and production demands involved in coating single guns has increased our turn time beyond what we feel is reasonable.  We will work off all backlog of firearms in house prior to restarting this program.  We will also work towards developing an “upgrade” specific plating line to provide a better focus for individual firearms.

While we realize this will come as disappointing news to some, we hope that once you see what’s in store, you will soon agree that every cloud has a silver (or better yet, a NiB-X) lining!

Our line of performance coated products will continue to expand as well as new platforms that should be ready for release by SHOT Show 2017.  Again, thank you for the robust support of our products and technologies.

Best Regards,

The WMD Team

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