Customer Feedback

Just a few examples of the customer comments we've received:

"I wanted to just give a quick update on the slide for my G19 since I received it back... I've run over 200 rounds of everything I had on hand, including FMJ, steel case and JHP ammo. I am extremely happy to report zero FTFs or FTEs. This includes Blazer Brass 115g that had an FTF rate of over 50% prior to you folks adjusting the slide. I had several people admire the slide finish and I highly recommended Glock and WMD's services. Thank you for the prompt attention and great customer service." – Kevin

“I just finished building my own personal "BEAST," and let me tell you; this is one BAD mother of a rifle. I am positive that there isn't a $4,000 AR out there that can beat this puppy. I am thankful to have found WMD as I can now build my own top-of-the-line rifles with all the confidence in the world. The only thing I could wish for is a lighter unit, but this is pretty darn nice. Thanks WMD. Parts used: LPK, Lower and upper receivers, barrel, forend, BCG, and upper parts. Only the stock and pistol grip were by others. I walked away with a $4,000 level gun for less than $1,500; what a deal. Plus, it'll never wear out or stay 'dirty'!" – Mike.

 "I got a BCG for a Bushmaster A2 AR-15, and WOW WOW—I love it! It runs all ammo very well and cleanup is great. The gun runs smoother, too. Thanks for a great product." –  Ron

 “I ordered 2 of the Nickel Boron chassis systems you had, and I wanted to let you know I received my first one last week, and really liked the setup! We have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback on it, and I continue to see people’s faces light up when they pick it up.”
– Matthew


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