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Why select WMD’s NiB-X nickel boron over other nickel boron products?  

The success we have had in pioneering high-quality, nickel boron products into the firearms market has initiated a number of efforts from latecomers to offer “nickel boron” products.  Some fraudulent products have been discovered whereby companies are claiming to have their parts coated in nickel boron and it turns out to be an inferior coating (NOTE:  Electroless nickel with boron nitride particles IS NOT Nickel Boron. See below discussion). Others have tried coating shops that are new to applying nickel boron and the products are suffering from poor adhesion and poor coating quality.  Others are using inferior materials in their products to save money and then coating them (polishing the proverbial turd).  All of these alternatives lead to performance issues when put into service.

There are some major differences to point out between WMD Guns services and products and those offered by others.  The –X in NiB-X stands for more than eXtreme durability, performance and reliability.  It also stands for eXpert chemistry, processing, application and engineering.

  • Chemistry: NiB-X is a proprietary nickel boron created from its constituents, not procured from a chemistry supplier as a standard off the shelf product.  Thus we control the properties of the coating that is applied.  NiB-X contains no lead in the coating (like FailZero’s does) and optimizes the hardness/lubricity balance in its properties.
  • Facilities/Processes: NiB-X is applied in our high volume, high-quality production facility using our NADCAP-accredited processes. NADCAP accreditation means that we have achieved the highest level of process control that is acknowledged in the aerospace industry. Nickel Boron is a very difficult technology to control and yield high quality results. The ordinary mom and pop shop cannot just install a tank and start running the technology with success. Real nickel boron must be certified to ASTMB607 and/or AMS2433C.  Each and every WMD order is certified to these specifications.
  • Application: A staff of metallurgists, PhD Chemists, and plating engineers collaborate daily with gunsmiths, engineers and industry professionals to ensure that each new part is engineered with the optimum coating parameters. Nickel Boron is not a “dip and ship” technology. It requires proper application development to be performed in order to be successful. This combination of talent within one Team is very unique in the industry.
  • Engineering: WMD engineers its products for the coating technology used.  We have seen products sent to us by customers who bought brand ABC parts from an entrepreneurial vendor who had excess stock and decided to just coat them with any nickel boron because it is the hot coating. This vendor sent the cheapest materials to the cheapest coating shop they could find.  We are starting to see the results from the lack of engineering done on those interfaces…
  • Arsenal of Technologies: WMD offers the widest array of advanced surface treatments under one roof of any provider in the firearms sector.  With a selection of NiB-X, salt bath nitrocarburizing QPQ (Melonite, Tennifer , black nitride, etc.), Electroless Nickel Teflon, Electroless nickel with boron nitride, black nickel, black nickel teflon, zinc nickel and ceramic topcoats, WMD is able to offer the right coating for the right application.

What are the differences between NiB-X and other technologies such as Nickel Teflon (NP3, NP3+, Obsidian), Chrome, Melonite (tennifer, black nitride), PVD (IonBond), Nickel boron nitride, and CeraKote (and other spray on bake on treatments such as DuraCoat, GunKote, etc)?

NiB-X is 40% harder than chrome and has a Rc70 hardness. This is much harder than Nickel Teflon (~Rc45), and MeloniteTM (Rc55). The process temperature for Melonite and other salt bath nitrocarburizing is 1050°F and too high for many components. 

PVD coatings are harder than NiB-X but are only a couple microns thick. What’s more, these coating are line-of-sight only (can’t do inside diameters and complex shapes may get uneven application) and do not have the low coefficient of friction. NIB-X provides higher reliability operation for longer durations and allows for reduced maintenance and easier clean up. 

Nickel Boron nitride is essentially electroless nickel with boron nitride mixed in the matrix, very similar to the Nickel Teflon process.  Whereas NiB-X is a single coating and structure throughout the thickness, Nickel Teflon and Nickel Boron Nitride are duplex layers with a layer of electroless nickel and then a thin layer of EN+Teflon or EN+ Boron Nitride (.0001”-.0002”). Once the telfon or boron nitride wears off you are down to only electroless nickel.  Additionally with 20-30% of the Teflon or BN at the bond line you do not get the tenacious adherence that NiB-X gives you.  Those technologies have a tendency to flake or spall in wear areas.  WMD also offers Nickel Teflon upon request, but since it is the same price and less performance we opt to use NiB-X for most applications. 

The spray-on, bake-on systems offer very low hardness (measured in pencil hardness) and little wear resistance.  Thus, when CeraKote is put directly onto steel, it will wear off quickly and provide corrosion initiation sites on your components. WMD uses these ceramics for color on top of NiB-X (and our other technologies).  WMD offers a full line of ceramic coating like these in many colors to meet customers’ needs.  But here’s the WMD difference: when the ceramic wears, our NiB-X is still protecting the substrate.

About Our BCGs:

  • BCGs are engineered and built specifically for the coating. others “dip & ship,” using standard or substandard components. Beware of fraudulent material and coating claims!
  • NiB-X provides a permanently lubricious surface for minimal lube requirements.
  • Quick and easy to clean: powder residue and fouling wipe off with a cloth.
  • Every component of WMD’s BCG is operator- grade quality; others have been known to use cheaper materials and inferior coatings without customers’ knowledge. WMD BCGs will last 10,000s of rounds.
  • You can see and feel the difference...with a finish that’s actually superior to the exterior surfaces of many firearms!
  • Coating carries lifetime warranty.
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