Are these components all American-made?
Yes. All our parts are made in the USA by some of the most established and respected suppliers to the firearms industry. Our goal is to provide you with components that are even higher quality than the parts you’re removing from your gun.

What can I expect for my investment in NiB-X® coated parts?
You’ll immediately feel a smoother action. Your cleaning time will be greatly reduced, because NiB-X coated surfaces resist fouling adhesion – and powder residue wipes off easily. And since our parts require minimal or no lubrication, you won’t have to contend with the debris that lubricants can attract. Additionally, due to the superior wear resistance of NiB-X you can expect extended parts life.

Will NiB-X affect accuracy?
Not directly, but the smoother-functioning action and cleaner trigger pull made possible by the NiB-X coating can help you maximize the inherent accuracy potential of your firearm.

Can I install the parts myself, or do I need to take them to a gunsmith?
While our parts are precisely toleranced and ready to install without additional machining, we recommend that installation(s) of any NiB-X parts be inspected by a competent gunsmith to ensure proper functioning and headspace. The purchaser and/or installer of these parts accepts full responsibility for the correct adjustment and function after such installation has been made or attempted.

Do you guarantee your products?
Absolutely. We provide a lifetime warranty against chipping, peeling, flaking or wear-through of our NiB-X coating. See our warranty document for full details.


• How do I order a WMD firearm online?
Your local gun shop can receive the order for you, and handle the necessary paperwork when it arrives. (Before placing your order, be sure to notify the dealer and verify the transaction fees that the dealer will apply to process the order.) You can also use our FFL Transfer Locator to help you identify a dealer in your area who may be able to assist you.

Do these guns still carry a factory warranty from their manufacturers?
WMD Guns can only warranty the coating on the firearm.  The function of non-coated parts of the gun cannot be warrantied by WMD.

Are any of these available from my local dealer?
WMD firearms are available directly or through the distribution chain.  Additionally, several of America’s largest firearm distributors have made arrangements with WMD to carry special, NiB-X-coated editions of popular firearms. As a result, many shops are already stocking NiB-X-coated guns. You can ask your dealer to check his favorite distributors for availability of our products.

Why NiB-X®?

  • All Nickel Boron is NOT the same. WMD’s proprietary NiB-X coating process is unique not only in our non-lead-based formulation...but also in how we apply the coating! We've heard from multiple sources that “mom & pop plating shop” coatings are flaking, delaminating, and not performing well.
  • NiB-X offers the optimal combination of all three key firearm performance factors: hardness, lubricity, and wear resistance. There are no coatings that optimize this combination of performance attributes like NiB-X.
  • NiB-X achieves a hardness of Rockwell 70 (harder than chrome!) and a coefficient of friction of just .06.
  • NiB-X is applied in a facility that has earned NADCAP accreditation—the highest level of process control recognized in the aerospace industry! What’s more our NiB-X coating are certified to ASTMB607 and/or AMS2433C.
  • Remember: the X in NiB-X stands for more than eXtreme durability, performance and reliability—it also stands for eXpert chemistry, processing, application and engineering.
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