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WMD can help bring any firearm up-to-date with the some of the most advanced, high-performance finishes currently available. Our flagship NiB-X nickel boron coating will give your gun a permanent finish that is incredibly hard, corrosion-resistant, and lubricious. It also looks amazing…with a rich, low-glare satin finish that’s truly distinctive.

In addition to NiB-X, we can also provide Nitromet Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing (e.g., Melonite) and electroless nickel for classic nickel refinishing.

 WMD Guns offers the highest quality consumer upgrades available, using Nickel Boron and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing surface treatments. Our classically trained, on-site gunsmith has over 25 years of professional experience. Our platers are gun enthusiasts and competitive shooters. Our national sales and business development managers have 25 and 30 years, respectively, in the firearms industry. So when you send your firearm to WMD, you know that we care about your firearm and fully appreciate your personal investment. We are committed to helping you optimize your firearm's performance through advanced surface treatments and coated product enhancements. We currently coat all types of firearms (including Class 3) and hold a 07 FFL. If you have questions regarding the potential to upgrade your firearm, then please contact techsupport@wmdguns.com or call 231-421-4867 and ask to speak with the gunsmith.

Firearms Types Upgraded:
Automatic Pistols (aluminum and steel framed), Revolvers, Rifles (ARs, AKs, Bolt action), Shotguns

We cannot coat magnesium nor can we coat assemblies containing aluminum and steel components that cannot be disassembled.

How to Order an Upgrade:
For slide and barrel upgrade, please fill out the online order form and send a printed copy in with your components. For a complete pistol upgrade, please send in the entire pistol along with the printed order confirmation form. Note: Some pistols are very tight and require gunsmithing to accommodate the coating thickness (.0004”). Gunsmithing services will be charged at $50/hr. Normal disassembly and assembly time is included in our upgrade price.

For BCG upgrades, please fill out the online order form and send a printed copy in with your disassembled BCG (please keep small parts such as springs, pins, firing pins, etc. in your possession).  Note: We only coat the carrier/key (leave the key staked), bolt extractor, and cam pin (hammer can also be coated if desired). If desired, you may send in the entire BCG and we will disassemble it for you. For AK bolts, we coat the bolt, carrier piston, and extractor.

For complete rifle and shotgun upgrades (receivers, barrelled receivers, etc.), please fill out the online order form and send a printed copy in with your order.  Please disassemble your order as far as possible, keeping small components in your possession. Barrelled receivers are acceptable to send in -- we plug the barrel bore and DO NOT coat the barrel bore.  (If you are interested in having a raw barrel bore coated, call us for options).

For component upgrades, please fill out the online order form and send a printed copy with your components.  We have attempted to capture the most popular components on our price sheet, however, if there is a component you are interested in coating that is not listed, then please contact us for a quote.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!  Please pack your parts in a new sturdy cardboard box or case with protective packaging.  We will reuse your packaging to return your parts to you.  We have seen some unbelievable packaging -- envelopes and makeshift boxes that have resulted in missing and/or damaged parts.  IMPORTANT:  If you are shipping a complete firearm, please consult with your shipper as to proper shipping procedure.  We will only ship complete guns via 2nd Day Air, Adult Signature Required.  Please include return shipping cost with your payment.

Turn Time:
We are currently working at a 6-week minimum turn time. Please provide us with your email address on your order form, so we can confirm arrival of your order. If 6 weeks go by and you have not received your parts, then email or call us and we will update the status of your order. Be patient: we're confident you'll find that it's worth the wait. While the process may take 6 weeks, the coating will last a lifetime!

Ship parts, confirmation order form and any notes, pictures of parts, questions to:
3070 SE Dominica Terrace
Stuart, FL 34997-5717

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